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SwaythlingSwaythling villageSwaythling FarmNorth StonehamSouth Stoneham
Swaythling Grange (left) and Swaythling Farmhouse (right) at Swaythling village were probably the manor houses of the two Swaythling manors.
Swaythling Grange (left) and Swaythling Farmhouse (right) at Swaythling village were probably the manor houses of the two Swaythling manors.
The Fleming Estate's property at Swaythling (Swathling)[1] on the Stoneham Estates included two manors named 'Swaythling'[2]: the Manor of Swaythling synonymous with the Swaythling Estate, and comprising Swaythling House and Swaythling Farm; and secondly the Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling, including Swaythling Grange. A third manor at Swaythling was the Manor of Pollack.

The Estate included property at Swaythling village, on the boundaries of North Stoneham and South Stoneham.

Manor of Swaythling, aka the Swaythling Estate

John Fleming acquired the manor of Swaythling (in North Stoneham parish), together with the manor of Hatch, in 1776 from his wife's uncle John Bond[3]. Swaythling Farm house was later thought to be the site of the manor house, Swaythling House, which was demolished around 1802[4]. The Fleming Estate held a conveyance document dated 1665, when the manor was sold by George Philpott[5].

Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling

The Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling (in South Stoneham parish) was bought by John Barton Willis Fleming in 1821, together with the Manor of Pollack[6]. Swaythling Grange was thought to be the manor house. It seems likely that the Manor of Pollack was originally a one quarter part of the Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling[7].

References and notes

  1. The Muniment Room uses the modern spelling Swaythling, although this only came into being at the end of the 19th century.
  2. The two manors are confused and combined together in the Victoria County History (1908)
  3. Article of agreement between John Bond of Grange, Dorset and John Fleming of Stoneham Park, for conveyance of Swaythling manor and farm with capital messuages etc Hatch manor and farm; grounds called Bawdens lands and coppices in North and South Stoneham subject to certain charges, 15 Nov 1776.  HRO 8M56/271; Lease and release of manor and farm of Swaythling, and Swaythling House, 1778  (WFMS:300 | HRO 102M71/T103)
  4. Lease of site and former garden of Swaythling House, 1802 (WFMS:403 | HRO 102M71/E41)
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  6. Hampshire Feet of Fines, Hil. 1 & 2 Geo. IV. The Victoria County History (1908) says of the manor: 'Edmund [Dummer]'s daughter, who had married Dennis Bond, son of her stepfather, inherited [it] on the death of Dummer Andrews, and in 1821 this manor with Pollack was sold to John Fleming."
  7. The two manors seemed to be paired; for instance, in 1820 Edwin Godden Jones of Swaythling Grange leased together the manors of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling and Pollack. HRO Q27/3/277
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