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Burgess Street Farm

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Burgess Street Farm (Burgastreet), also known as Cantles (Cantells), was a farm on the Stoneham Estate. It was surveyed by John Whitcher in 1818. It comprised 52 acres in 1913. The farm was sold in 1913, and the house demolished soon after.

In 1865, the farm buildings were destroyed by fire[1].

Selected views

Photo: G Paxton.
Photo: G Paxton.

Tenants of Burgess Street Farm

  • Henry Cantle (1810[2])
  • Amy Cantell (1837[3])
  • Francis Vine (1851[4])
  • General Juan Manuel de Rosas (1872)
  • - Matcham (late 19thC, early 20thC)
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  1. 'A FIRE broke out on Tuesday last on the farm buildings at Stoneham, owned by General Rosas, the ex-Dictator of Buenos Ayres, and before assistance could be rendered 30 fine milch cows, a bull, a horse, and a great quantity of poultry were destroyed. All the cows were tied up in stalls and could not be released, nearly 10 tons of straw and hay being in one blaze. The roaring and bellowing of the poor animals was frightful to hear. The building and stock were insured for 1,000l'. Hampshire Telegraph, 28 Jan 1865.
  2. Lease of land in North Stoneham to Henry Cantle, 1810  (WFMS:408 | HRO 102M71/E46)
  3. Trust deed to bar entail, 1837  (WFMS:208 | HRO 102M71/T11)
  4. 1851 Census
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