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Trust deed to bar entail, 1837

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Trust deed to bar entail, 1837[1] is a document from Bundle 35.


'Deed of disposition of the Manor of North Stoneham and divers other Manors and estates in the county of Southampton and Isle of Wight in order to destroy Estate Tail therein and to limit the same to the joint appointment of Mr Fleming and his son.' Lease and release, being a trust deed to bar entail, to the uses of any settlement to be made thereafter: North Stoneham, Romsey, and Isle of Wight Estates. 8-9 Feb 1837. i) John Fleming of Stoneham Park, esq ii) John Brown Willis Fleming, his son and heir iii) Peter Dickson of Southampton, esq.

This deed was followed by Settlement to several uses including to provide for use of the surname and arms of Fleming, 1837.

The tenants listed in this document have been included in the Index to principal tenants, 1837.


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