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Fish House

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‘There was formerly a good shipbuilding yard at Fishhouse, where yachts of 250 tons were laid down and launched. It is now only a small boat-builder's settlement.’ -W H Davenport Adams, 1862

Fish House (Fishhouse, Fishouse), also known as Fishbourne (Fishborne), was a hamlet and shipbuilding community on the Quarr Abbey Isle of Wight Estates at the mouth of Wootton Creek, at the right bank entrance. It was surveyed by John Whitcher in 1817.

It was so named because it was the site of medieval Quarr Abbey's fish house, used for the salting, curing and storing of fish, together with a saltwater fishpond. The Abbey also had two freshwater fishponds.[1]

In the first half of the 19th century there was an important shipyard at Fish House, established by the List brothers.

Farms at Fishbourne included Fishbourne Farm, Grey's, and Quarr Farm.

In 1874, the hamlet comprised 20 tenements.


  1. S F Hockey, Quarr Abbey and its Lands, 1132-1631 (1970)
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