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North Stoneham Park Farm

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This article is about the home farm at North Stoneham Park, and must be distinguished from North Stoneham Farm.

North Stoneham Park Farm, usually known as plain Park Farm, was the home farm at North Stoneham Park on the Stoneham Estate. The dairy herd there was known as Stoneham Dairy, and grazed Avenue Park.

This photo might be of Park Farm - can anyone confirm this, and identify the people?
This photo might be of Park Farm - can anyone confirm this, and identify the people?

Until 1874, the farm's buildings and yard were sited on the edge of the park, near the Cricketers Arms at Middle Stoneham, and comprised a barn, cowshed, piggeries, and cart sheds. There was no farmhouse. Because of their prominent position near the north end of the Avenue at Avenue Park, it is probable that the farm buildings facing towards old North Stoneham House had an ornamental aspect. In 1874, the farm buildings were destroyed by fire[1].

Following the fire, the barns were rebuilt, serving instead as the farm buildings for the southern portion of newly partitioned Middle Farm (which later became known as Doncaster Farm).

After 1874, the Coach House and Stables at the centre of the park became Park Farm's buildings and yard, and by 1881 the Coach House was converted into a residence.

In the early 20th century, Park Farm was 'a mixed farm, mainly dairy, but at times there were a few sheep and geese and chickens with a little arable nearest the woods'[2]. The Estate's sawmill was at Park Farm.

Tenants and occupiers of Park Farm

  • Elizabeth Hartnell (1851)
  • Robert Hopkins (-1856)
  • Harry Eyles (1860-65[3])
  • George Amos West (1870)[4]
  • Edward Brown (of Doncaster Cottage) (1874)
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