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Romsey Allotments

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The Romsey Allotments (or Poor Allotments) on the Romsey Estates and the Broadlands Estate were a joint initiative between John Willis Fleming and Lord Palmerston. The plots were let to "deserving labourers".[1]

In 1873, for instance, the rent roll for the allotments on the Fleming Estate listed more than 200 tenants.


  1. New Monthly Magazine (1833), p.533: 'The good effects resulting from a partial introduction of the Garden Allotment System in the neighbourhood of Romsey, Hants, has fully answered the expectations of its promoters. Lord Palmerston, and John Fleming, Esq., each set apart some acres of good land, conveniently situate near the town, which was let, at a moderate rent, to deserving labourers, in parcels of a quarter of an acre. The cultivation of this land has fully occupied the leisure hours of the renters and their families, who now have a profitable return for their labour, being enabled after payment of rents and taxes, and keeping back a winter’s stock for themselves, to bring a quantity of potatoes and vegetables to market.'

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