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Schedule of deeds, leases, and manorial records, received by Sir Francis Seymour Pile, 1750

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The schedule of deeds, leases, and manorial records, received by Sir Francis Seymour Pile, 1750[1] is a document that lists papers sent by Elisha Biscoe, presumably from Stoneham, to Sir Francis Seymour Pile. The present whereabouts of the listed papers is not known.





Rumsey Leases

Mr Adams Lease
John Browns
Mary Browns
Capt. Bourn
Richard Bodycoat
John Ballard
Edward Beare
Mr Carters Lease of Peter Withers Bargain
Mr Carter and Mr Ffifields Lease 999 years
Mr Carters Lease Romsey Parsonage
Mrs Carters lease Lands adjoining to his Garden
Mr Carters lease for Hammonds
Richard Croppe lease
John Crofts Lease
John Dawkins
Mary Dowling
Mr Freemans - Nortons
Ditton Street Mead
Ditton for late Rises
Mr Grove for Ganger Hill and Hockley Pound
Dito for Northern Moor
Ditto Minchin Hill
For several other estates
William Gass sold him by Jo:Ray
Ditto Gass in reversion
Alice Green now Sturgis
John Harden
Thomas Hardens
Mary Harden
Daniel Harden -Perrys


Daniel Harden -Jolliffs Cottage
Abraham Hayward -Colmans
Abraham Hayward
Mr Jarmans - for Churchers
Dito for Withers
Ditto Salts[?]
Ditto Ffawlkners
William Jenning sold Mr White
Jones his wife late Rays
Sarah Longs Lease for Rattys
John Marnors -Woodley
Ditto in Reversion
John Mountains Lease Horn Cross
Daniel Nicholas
Mr Thomas Pukridge for Baring Street
Ditto for Thomas
Ditto for Baverstocks
Ditto for South Hay
John Parker Pinnings Land
Benjamin Ray -Kupernam
John Ray - Halterworth
Ditto for Kupernam
Joseph Ray -Kupernam
4 other, but of Lands Sold
Peter Russell for Blundells
John Rattys Lease
Simon Rens Lease
John Roes Lease


Sturgis five Leases
Eliz Thomas five leases
George Withers eight in all
Richd Withers
Thomas Watts
Jos Wise 2 Leases
Arthur Wimbolt
Edward Withers
Two leases for Leblands
Isaac Prangmill two Leases
Mr Carter two Leases
Isaac Mackrill from Mr Carter
Mr Borbank
Thomas Prangnell
Geo: Stuggy
Ambris Grove
Robt Thomas for Lusberg
Mr Stuggy
Mr Wise
William Jenning
Sarah Withers in Lusberg

A bundle of Romsey Infra presentments from 1714 to 1740. A bundle of Romsey Infra presentments from 1714 to 1740
One Book of Rumsey Infra
One Book of Rumsey Extra


Account of Romsey Coppys and Surrenders

John Rays surrender
Joseph Rays Admittance
Richd Lights surrender
Mary Richmans surrender
John Rays coppey
Thomas Matthew Admittance
Matthew of a Bridge Coppey
Charles Perry Coppy
Rich Allen Coppy
James Warns coppy
Elizabeth Right Surrender
Nich Rays Surrender
Joseph Rays Coppy
Mary Dowlings Surrender
William Thomas Coppey
Ben Ray Surrender
Rifes Estate find by Wm Jones for his sons life
Mr Keells coppy of Broadway
Broadways surrender to Mr Keel
Rich Wise Surrendr
John Cooks Surrendr
William Thomas Coppey
William Colemans Surrendr
Scraglefords Coppey
William James Coppy
Mr Carters Copy


and old copy of Mr Carter
Charles Perrys coppey
Mr Borbaks Coppey

Sir Francis Fleming Sale of the Mannors of Rumsey Infra. A deed of Sir Edward Hooper to Rich Lord Gorges and Sr Edward Griffin Treasurers of his Maj Privy Chamber 2 part of Ralph Wild and Tho Bland Senr of London Gentleman […] the Mannors of Romsey Extra and Infra to them & there Heirs
2 Deeds one in parchment the other in paper of the Dividing of John Moors Lands between his two Daughters Marryed to Mr Dunck and to Edward Hooper.
Two leases for […] from John Eyre and Rob Eyre the Reverend Wm Whitear William Mayo clerk of the one part John Ffoyle & John Turner of the other part of ye Manor of Rumsey Extra & Infra
A Lease for a year tp John Eyre & rob Eyre and Edward Pilinand[?] Granted by Robt Coker Edward Ffleming Edward Hooper Daniel Elliot & Henry Ffleming of the Mannors of Rumsey Extra & Infra


Articles of Agreement of Gyles Tooker and Hugh Worth concerning ye Sale of the manor of Rumsey Extra to John Moor
Mr John Eyre and Robt Eyre their Release of ye Mannor of Rumsey to Mr Thomas Ffleming two parts
A deed of discharge of the legacy given to severall people viz Mr Coker Edward Ffoyle Danl Elliott
A deed -of feofment to John Moor Steph White
Of the manor of Rumsey Infra from Edward Barrow & Wm Ffleming of Broadlands & Kjane his wife Gyles tooker & Hugh Worth
A counterpart of Mr Godfreys Release to old Wm Gass for lands in Baning Street
A counterpart of the indenture of covenant between Edward Barrow & Wm Fleming of Broadlands & Gyles Tooker & Hugh Worth With John Moor of Paultons & Stephen White of the Citty of Winton County Southton
A conveyance of the mannor of Rumsey of Rumsey Extra by the Earle of Southampton to Sr John Moor with the Counterpart of Severall Deeds of ffreehold Estate granted and sold by him to severall persons as follows

Number 1 Robt Thomas
No 2 Edward Waldron


No 3 Wanting
No 4 John Brown
No 5 Thomas Hurst
No 6 Joseph Jerom
No 7 Arthur Cleverley
No 8 Joane White
No 9 Walter Godfrey
No 10 Mark Coleman
No 11
No 12 John Cradock
No 14 Humphry Ballard
No 15 Jon Colson
No 16 John Rey
No 17 Walter Godfrey
No 18 John Bloyse

John Eyre Robt Eyre Release of the Mannor of Rumsey to Thomas Ffleming Esqr.
A deed of Mr Ffoyle Ffleming Mr Elliott Discharge to Edward Ffleming Esqr for ye Rumsey Legacys
Barrow Ffleming Tookner & Worth articles of agreement concerning the sale of ye mannor of Rumsey Infra to John Moor - and also a deed of the said in sold in Chancery
W Leases for a year of the mannor of Rumsey to Jon Eyre Robt Eyre & Edward Pilmand


2 Deeds to divide the lands of St Moor between his two daughters viz Dunch & Hooper
Sir Ffrancis Ffleming Bargaine & sale of Mannor of Rumsey to John Ffoster of Baddesley

North Stoneham

North Stoneham Leases

William Lambell
Mr Owen lease of Tythe
Robt Pope Lease
James veare Lease
Robt Spicers
Jon West
William Rooks
Robt Sivear
Nicho Piddle
Jon Beaton
William Bidlecom
William Lambell Reversion of the Smith Shop

Copys in bundle

William West 1684
Ambrose Mersh 1690
Richd Orpwood 5th year Queen Ann
Pages Copy but a new grant to Wm Howell
Hester Howell 1694
Howell Estate for fields rented by Mr Chillver
William Stawks of Millbrook Copy in Reversion 1721


Howells admittance to Pages 1729
Mr Matthews Copy 20 June 1700
Vines Copy 3 June 1725
Ditto June 1730
Sarah Howells Surrender 28 ffebry 1734
John Wallis Admittance July 12 1736
A Copy of my Masters copy to his Lady out of court for Mr West two living in Reversion the 10 of march 1738/9
A copy of Ambrose West Copy 5 March 1739
Jacob Coles admittance 12 of January 1745

A second bundle of copy surrenders and admittances

Thomas Wallis for Faulkstreet a copy
Rich Stawks Copy
Thomas Hobbs Copy
Charles Vine
Thomas Stobbs surrender of a close of Land
John Thorngate and Robt Thorngate Surrendr to Rob pope
John Popes Copy
Jon Chilver Copy
Ambrose Marsh old Copy
Two rolls of Court dated 1675 ending 1690
The other 1691 ending 1695
Also a court book
Other old copys
Ambrose marsh
Wm page
A copy lycence to Ratty

Charles Vine
James Howells admittance
Jon Thorngate
Charles Vine surrender of Lands
His lycence

John Hobbs admittance
Wd[?] Annells surrender of Marshall
Vine Copy
Ambrose Marsh Copy in Reversion
A Role of Presentments Copy of Copys Surrenders & Admittances intermixed and strung upon a lease from 1690 to 1739

[Isle of Wight]

Island Leases

John Admans
Rich Allen
Mr Baxter
Edwd Brown
Wm Boorey
Richd Barton
Mr Brown
John Budford
Mr Cook John
Mr Abraham Cook
Mr Coles
James Colenut
Mr Cromwell
David door
Mark Dunning
There are 3 of John Halls
Charles Hall
Mr Hollyer
William Jolliff
Ffarmer Jolliff Hasley
Mr Warder late Lamberts
Mr Mann deed
James Perrey
Mr Redstone


Mr Ridge
William Sheppard
Abraham Stallard
John Serle
Hanah Salter
Thomas Wardor
William Wolleridge
John Whitehead
Elias Wiliams
Thomas Wavell
Mr Wetherick
Ffarmer Young

Copy Leases Continued
Mr Lisles Writings
Whittingtons Lease of Duxmore
Ffitchett for Combly Farm
Farmer Jolliff of Hasely Farm
William Wildys Lease

Barnaby Colenut
Hiran Eede
Earlsman now Mr Henry Roberts
Baclys[?] Land
Master Lease 50 years
De Maris now Mr Baxter
Jefferys Lease


Presentment of Hasley Court

Copy Admittances
Barkham Admittance 1719
Hawkens Copy […] 1720
[…] 1722
[…] Allen to Rich Barton 1722
Richd Sanders Admitt 1723
Edward Ways Copy of Speeds Copy 1724
Eliz Dunning Admitt 1724/5
Henry Rawking Admitt 1726
Anthony Young Copy in Revr for Ways 1729
Mr Allens Copy Admitt 1729
[…] Hallard[?] admit 1729
Ann Ffox admitt […]
Wid Weys Copy in Rev Binstead Hill
James Barton Copy 1730
Mr Woodfords Admitt 1730
Ffarmer Young Copy 1730
Mabble Stallards[?] surrend to Rich Barton 1730
Ffarmer Rawkins Copy in Rev 1734
Ffarmer Rawkins Copy 1735

Janry 37th 1749 I acknowledge to have received from Mr Biscoe the within mentioned writings and leases of John Durman. Fr Sey Pile [Francis Seymour Pile]


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