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South Stoneham Farm

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South Stoneham Farm, later known as Portswood Farm, was a farm at South Stoneham on the Stoneham Estate. The property was acquired with the Manor of South Stoneham, by John Barton Willis Fleming before 1819[1].

In 1804, the property was described as being 'a capital farm house, two large brick and tiled barns, a cart, stable for 8 horses, cow house, large piggeries, 2 large waggon and cart sheds, a pigeon house, well stocked with pigeons, sheds for ploughs, harrows &c. and a very good farm-yard, walled in; the whole containing 177 acres or thereabouts, in the most perfect order, and in the highest state of cultivation'[2].

It was surveyed by John Whitcher in 1818.

The farm remained with the main Fleming Estate, when South Stoneham Park was sold in 1857 and 1876.

It was sold on 21 Jun 1895 to William Burrough Hill for £20,275[3].

Tenants of South Stoneham Farm

  • Theodore Webb (1872, 1880[4])


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