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Little Duxmore Farm

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Plan of Little Duxmore
Plan of Little Duxmore
Little Duxmore Farm was a farm at Duxmore on the Downend Isle of Wight Estates, adjoining and east of Duxmore Farm.

The thatched farmhouse was destroyed by fire in 1903[1].

Tenants of Little Duxmore

  • George Rayner (1903)
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  1. 'FIRE AT HAVENSTREET. Little Duxmore Farmstead was entirely destroyed by fire on Wednesday night, caused by a defective flue. Despite all efforts to save the place, the fire had gained too strong a hold before the Ryde Fire Brigade arrived on the scene and even then nothing could be done owing to the lack of water. Fortunately the wind blew in an opposite direction to the stacks and these were unharmed, but the house, a thatched one, was burnt out. Great sympathy is felt for Mr. Geo. Rayner, The tenant, who has only recently taken possession.' Isle of Wight County Press, October 1903
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