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Roger's Bargain

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Roger's Bargain was a farm at Bassett on the Stoneham Estate. In 1816, it comprised 87 acres.

It adjoined the site of North Stoneham Poor House.

Roger's Bargain (detail), surveyed by John Whitcher in 1819.
Roger's Bargain (detail), surveyed by John Whitcher in 1819.

The former Roger’s Bargain is now a built-up area, bounded by Burgess Road, Butterfield Road, Winchester Road, and Glen Eyre Road; and bisected by Bassett Avenue (A33) and Bassett Crescent.

Tenants of Roger’s Bargain

  • William Lanham (1835)[1]
  • James Small (1837[2])


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  2. Trust deed to bar entail, 1837  (WFMS:208 | HRO 102M71/T11)
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